My September Journal page


I have finished my September journal page, entitled “The Harvest Goddess of Abundance and Gratitude”. Only 12 days behind schedule!

She embodies the cycle of the harvest from the birth of the seed to its growth and manifestation to its harvest and production of more seeds to its dormancy to the rebirth of the seed. The cycle spirals on. The sun rises and gives warmth and nurture to the growth of the seed and its harvest. As the Goddess’s harvest progresses, the leaves fall gently through the air all around her. They will return to the earth to nourish the next seeds.

So, this piece represents the abundance of our harvest and gratitude for what has manifested from the seeds we have sown. Acceptance of the natural rhythms of the earth and a turning inward to contemplate how our seeds have grown and manifested in this cycle.

What do you think?

17 comments on “My September Journal page

  1. SueU says:

    She is wonderful, love the fall colors and the hair! Your background fabric was a good choice too.

  2. Sacredartist says:

    I really like how you used that background fabric, recreating the leaves in beads. I have enjoyed reading about the flow of this piece. I like the picture of the sea and will think when I go to the beach about the ebbs and flows of the life cycle as the waves continuously wash the beach.
    Have a blessed Harvest.

  3. Susan Feldkamp Night Beader says:

    Your Harvest Goddess is lovely, I’m enjoying your message as much as the beaded page. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Beadily yours
    Susan Feldkamp

  4. Grace says:

    Wow, I think it’s beautiful and all you have described is clearly represented in your bead work. An amazing piece.

  5. Arline says:

    OOooh, she’s gorgeous! This says everything it should about the season of harvest.

  6. susan says:

    She is so serene…I love what you have written. I’ve read it several times and it is quite beautiful.

  7. Frivolitea says:

    THat is a lovely piece.

  8. Hélène H says:

    Wow, she’s truly wonderful ! Don’t worry about the schedule, harvest time often vary from one year to another :o)

  9. Sue O'Kieffe says:

    thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. i used to do a lot of beadwork with glass and polymer clay, but i had a penchant for 14/0 beads and my eyes said no more. then i found the computer. my eyes still grumble but i persist. your work is truly lovely as are your musings. i may become a tea drinker yet.
    it is interesting that both of our images this morning are variations on demeter. must be something about the time of year 🙂
    many blessings
    sue okieffe

  10. Brenda says:

    I can feel her gracing you already.
    Marvelous beadwork!

  11. Robin says:

    Ditto to all the other comments… She’s fabulous!!! I think you achieved wonderful balance with the background, and it all holds together, moving my eyes and throughts around your Goddess. I like being there with her… like the feelings of contentment I receive from her.

  12. Nancy K. says:

    She is just wonderful. The colors and the use of the material with the beading and the colors look like they all belong together or rather were made for each other. Perfect piece for this time of the year.

  13. artandtea says:

    Thank you so much ladies for all of your lovely comments! I really appreciate them. Transitioning from summer to fall has always been a challenge to me every year but this year beading this piece really helped me in so many ways. -Karen

  14. She is stunning! The leaves in the background set her off so well. Peaceful, like there will be food aplenty going into the long winter.

  15. Judy says:

    Karen.. Outstanding piece.. She is beautiful…. all your work is so detailed, patient and comforting. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  16. Acey says:

    Am just catching up with BJP blogs. I love the way you completed this page. It’s so beautiful. I have really only struggled with the seasonal shift from summer to autumn for the past couple years but it has been an INTENSE struggle. I am finding the same kind of help you describe experiencing with my October page. Also it is always fun to come here and read about tea. Have learned so much and your pictures of the tea itself are always so wonderful.

  17. artandtea says:

    Thanks ladies!

    Acey, I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying learning about tea. I think that one of the reasons I’ve struggled so much with the transition from summer to fall is that I constantly think about and dread the winter weather that I know is close behind. I think that my efforts to practice “living in the moment” are also helping me to enjoy the fall a lot more. -Karen

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