Saturday Morning Tea


This morning there is a very cool breeze coming in my windows. As I gaze out over the treetops, I see a variety of reds, oranges, maroons and golds blooming amongst the greenery. October is one of my favorite months because I love so much about this autumn time of year – the aroma of dry leaf as it dances across my path, the explosion of color across the landscape, the crisp, tart taste of a just picked apple, the bright orange pumpkins displayed in wooden carts along the side of the road. This morning, however, I am feeling wistful as the memory of summer slips away. So, in light of my mood, I have brewed up a green Formosa Oolong called Spring Dragon.


After plucking the new growth (2 leaves and a bud), the leaves are spread out to dry and oxidize. They are shaken periodically during this drying period to bruise the leaf and release its volatile oils for flavor. This also helps in the oxidation process, the turning brown process of the leaf. This Oolong is only lightly oxidized so it is carefully monitored during this time. Once the tea master judges the oxidation to be sufficient, the leaves are pan roasted to halt oxidation. Then they are rolled and dryed some more.


It is amazing that you can see the serration on the edges of the intact leaf that I have spread out after I steeped the tea. I left a portion of one leaf still rolled up a little so you can see how it has opened up. The aroma is sweet and delicately flowery. The light honey colored liquor is also sweet with lilac flavor notes. Mmmmmmm….

5 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. Libby Mills says:

    Karen, thanks for all your education on tea. I’ve been really enjoying it. I am a tea drinker, but I tend to stick to the classics: earl grey, irish breakfas and green tea mostly. I am wondering where you get all you exotic teas?

  2. artandtea says:

    Hi Libby, You’re very welcome! Tea is one of my passions and I really enjoy sharing my passion with others. I’m lucky enough to have access to a lot of different teas at the company I work for, Upton Tea Imports. If you click on the tea name link, it’ll take you to our website. I’ve heard you are going to the Synergy conference and I would be glad to bring some samples to share! -Karen

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love Oolong teas – such a yummy flavor and such diversity. And the leaves are always so fun to watch twisting and unfurling. Gorgeous photos, as always. Thank you!

  4. artandtea says:

    Thanks Stephanie, Oolong teas are amongst my favorite types of tea, too! -Karen

  5. […] that I haven’t reviewed a Jade Oolong yet. I’ll do that in August, too. I did review a Spring Dragon Oolong, another “greener” […]

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