September Page Progress


The beading on the Harvest Goddess is finished. For her long, luxuriant hair, I used a twisted fringe technique with my variegated beads and then tacked down the fringe. My eyes happened upon these lovely golden amber glass leaves in my bead stash and I couldn’t resist giving her a crown. I’ve been fascinated by crowns ever since I was in kindergarten. I loved to draw crowns on all of the ladies in my pictures. When my Mom took me to the library, I always made a beeline for the adult section to find my precious treasure – a big, heavy dusty old book containing color photos of the crown jewels of England. I loved thumbing through that book to gaze upon all of the beautiful, sparkly objects it contained.

Ideas about my October page are starting to glimmer in my mind. The image of a candle has been present in my thoughts all day. I think I will start with that and then see where it takes me.