Studio Wednesday

It worked! Here are the earrings that I used the epoxy on. After setting for 24 hours, the wire is holding solidly in the polymer clay. Sometimes I think that I have the tendency to get too complicated with my designs so I didn’t add any beads to these earrings. I just wanted a simple design of mokume gane and silver wire. I experimented with just a simple loop and a free-form wrapped loop.

Which do you like better?

I also picked up my May beaded journal page today and started beading again. I’ve been involved in working on other projects lately and, after a year of working on my pages, I feel that I am also reluctant to let the project go and be finished. So, I put it aside for awhile but it’s now time to get it finished and put together. I have set a goal to at least be finished with all of my pages by the time the 2008-09 BJP starts September 1st. Once my pages are complete, the next step is to put them all together into a wall hanging. I would like to sew 4 pages to a backing, the pages lined up one on top of another with some sort of strapping sandwiched between the pages and the backing. Then I will hang the 3 separate pieces of 4 pages from a dowel. By having the 3 separate pieces not sewed to one another, this will give me the freedom to rearrange them according to my mood or the season.

17 comments on “Studio Wednesday

  1. Kathi says:

    I like the ones with the freeform wrap on them best. They are all wonderful though.

  2. Frivolitea says:

    I like the wire wrapped ones the best, but I bet there would be some people out there who would prefer the more simple ones. They are terrific!

  3. artandtea says:

    Thanks Kathi, I like them the best, too.

  4. Steph W says:

    Those are great!

  5. dorasexplorations says:

    They all turned out beautifully, Karen ! I do like the wire wrapping, but I have to say my favorite pair is the one with curved shape…

  6. artandtea says:

    Thanks Dora, those were fun to make.

  7. Lunes says:

    Love them all, colours texture & so on….. Ps Karen – you have been tagged on my blog! Lunes x

  8. Sue O'Kieffe says:

    well, i like the plain ones. ultimately, i think it would depend how they looked on the wearer…
    i would love the see these in different colors…the texture and design is wonderful…

  9. Acey says:

    I am in decision gridlock about the jewelry. Do not WANT to choose! Also I may borrow your idea about creating groups of four pages that can be switched around from time to time. My idea of making a scroll simply wasn’t practical for things this heavily embellished. As always your posts are both soothing and inspirational …

  10. teeveebee says:

    Ooooh! I think I like your free form wrapped loop. Although the simple loop is also beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. artandtea says:

    Thanks Lunes! I’ll go check that out.

    Thanks Sue! Good point. I think that’s why I made several different wire looks, to please different tastes and create different looks. Oh yes, I love the mokume gane technique so much that I definitely will create more color combos!

    Thanks Acey! I’m looking forward to seeing your pages put together, too. I agree, even though the pages are small in size, the beads definitely do weight them.

    You’re welcome tee, and thank you, too!

  12. Susan Turney says:

    I love those with the spiral wire!

  13. artandtea says:

    Thanks Susan! That free-form wrap is a lot of fun to do and you don’t have to be as precise which I really like.

  14. Jen says:

    Hi Karen,
    Very nice stuff, as usual. On the simple shapes (long square), I like the wire wrap on top. On the more complex shape, I like it plain. I thing the wrap would draw focus away from the beautiful, simple lines of the curved piece. But I would wear any one, as is!
    xxoo Jen

  15. artandtea says:

    Thanks Jen! xoxo

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