Saturday Morning Tea on Sunday


Most Darjeeling lovers are familiar with Darjeeling tea as a black tea. However, some tea gardens produce at least one green tea from the harvest season. Pictured above, the dried leaves of Arya estate Emerald green tea are very dark green in color and long and twisted in shape.

Located high in the Himalayan mountains of northeastern India, record has it that the Arya tea estate was started by a team of Buddhist monks who carefully developed their tea plants from Chinese seeds. They practiced Aruyvedic medicine and their original house may still be found on the grounds of the estate. All teas from this estate are organically produced.


I steeped the leaves in 160 degree F water for 3 minutes and they opened up to reveal a large olive green leaf. The pale liquor has a fresh, delicately vegetal aroma and notes of pear and fresh fruit. The lingering finish is quite smooth. A delightful cup!

Another Saturday Morning Tea on Sunday


As the early morning sun delicately lights everything up outside my window, I am preparing for another Saturday adventure. This week I’m going to my polymer clay guild meeting in Rhode Island. It’s an hour and a half drive so I’m up early to gather my art supplies together. I am looking forward to our demos today – a leaf cane and vintage buttons!

Tomorrow morning I will brew up a cup of a green Darjeeling called Emerald, a rare gem indeed because most of our Darjeelings are black teas.

A Day of Silence


I am taking a day of silence today. A day with no ringing phones and no talking. This is the time of year at my regular day job when the phones are ringing non-stop and everyone in customer service is continually on the phone, taking orders and answering questions, talking about tea. Multiple voices speaking at the same time in the same room. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by all of this exterior stimulation so it is time for some balance. That balance will come in the quiet solitude I am creating for myself today.

Taking time to contemplate the pattern in a few tea leaves on a beautiful fan shaped porcelain dish, I am able to just “Be” and find my center once again. I see a mountain scene with a couple of streams or they could be paths. The paths could be coming down from the mountains or they could lead you up into the mountains. The streams are bringing life nourishing waters to the gardens and trees in the valley. Anything is possible in the realms of your imagination. What do you see?

Saturday Morning Tea on Sunday


On this cold Sunday morning as we anticipate the arrival of wintry weather tonight, I have prepared a cup of Japanese Genmai Cha tea . As you can see from my photo, it is a blend of Japanese sencha (green) tea and roasted brown rice. This particular type of tea came about from necessity rather than invention. During a time when tea was an expensive luxury to the average person, roasted brown rice was added to green tea to make more of it. What resulted was and is today a delicious nutty, toasty brew with lower caffeine. Sometimes, the brown rice pops and the tea is decorated with what looks like small popcorn.


The liquor is a pale yellow and the toasty aroma makes me feel all warm inside. The mellow nuttiness the roasted rice imparts to the tea smooths the pungency of the green tea, making an excellent blend of flavors. If you’ve never had Genmai Cha before, I recommend it highly as an afternoon refresher when our circadian and ultradian rhythms are at their lowest point. Enjoy!

Saturday Morning Tea – a Hint

I’m going on another Boston adventure this morning! This time to the Crafts at the Castle arts and craft show at the Hynes Convention Center.

Quoted from their website: “100% of the ticket proceeds directly benefit programs for children, youth, and families struggling with emotional, psychological, and economic effects of poverty, abuse and neglect.”

A very good cause to contribute to indeed. Plus I will have the opportunity to view some very beautiful artwork.

So, my Saturday Morning Tea will be postponed until tomorrow morning when I will brew up a cup of Japanese GenMai Cha tea.