Saturday Morning Tea

Noble Madam Dry Leaf 11-09-13

Good morning, dear tea friends! On this cool, brisk fall morning, I’m watching an unfolding taking place. The unfolding of tea leaves to reveal a lovely rose pink carnation. I love surprises, especially when flowers are involved! This artful display tea is called Noble Madam. Watch and enjoy!

Noble Madam Steep 1 11-09-13

The green tea leaves are hand tied and compressed into a “pod” around the flower.

Noble Madam Steep 2 11-09-13

I’ve shared my delightful experiences with display teas here.

Noble Madam Steep 3 11-09-13

and here. As the 180F hot water soaks into the pod, the leaves open up oh so slowly…

Noble Madam Steep 4 11-09-13

Like a little sea creature gently reaching out…

Noble Madam Steep 5 11-09-13

and there is its heart.

Noble Madam Steep 6 11-09-13

A beautiful rose pink carnation. Gorgeous!

Noble Madam Steep 7 11-09-13

I’ve read that hand tied teas have been created in China for hundreds of year, however, it’s only been in the last 30 years or so that the showier teas, such as this one, have been made.

Noble Madam Wet Leaf 11-09-13

This photo shows how they bundle the leaves and tie them.

Noble Madam Teapot 11-09-13

The carnation flower lends a rose tinge to the light colored tea liquor.

Noble Madam Teabowl 11-09-13

The flavor is light and vegetal with delicate floral notes. I think this would make a lovely gift, along with a glass teapot, to show off its steeping display.

My company has just received a big shipment of glass teapots – 5 different styles – and we’ll be introducing them shortly, just in time for holiday gift giving. Glass teapots are my favorite!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your tea!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin

Saturday Morning Tea


Happy New Year!

While the winter winds howl around the outside corners and eaves of my house, I am warm and cozy inside, enjoying a little taste of springtime in my teabowl.

This is a beautiful hand-tied display China green tea called Bai Hua Kai. It comes in a little pod form that transforms when hot water is poured over it. Watch and enjoy!








I steeped the pod for 5 minutes in 180 degree water. The resulting liquor is delicate and very sweet. Delightful!

Saturday Morning Tea


I’ve always loved the image of early spring flowers peeping up through the last remnants of winter snow. Just experiencing our first significant snowfall of the season, we seem very far away from that magical spring moment. To bring us all a little closer, especially with another storm on its way, I have chosen another hand-tied display tea called Golden Flowers in Full Bloom for my Saturday morning tea. What a glorious name.

The green leaves are carefully formed into a mushroom cap shape around a beautiful golden flower. I carefully poured 180 degree F water over the bud and then sat back to watch the birth of the flower inside.

I left the tea leaves and flower in my bowl and gently touched the rim to my lips to experience my first sip. It was mellow and smooth with light floral/nutty notes. Very soothing. With each sip, I felt words rising up from inside of me, just as the flower came forth in the water.


A golden flower

births itself in my tea bowl

I sip its beauty