A Day of Silence


I am taking a day of silence today. A day with no ringing phones and no talking. This is the time of year at my regular day job when the phones are ringing non-stop and everyone in customer service is continually on the phone, taking orders and answering questions, talking about tea. Multiple voices speaking at the same time in the same room. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by all of this exterior stimulation so it is time for some balance. That balance will come in the quiet solitude I am creating for myself today.

Taking time to contemplate the pattern in a few tea leaves on a beautiful fan shaped porcelain dish, I am able to just “Be” and find my center once again. I see a mountain scene with a couple of streams or they could be paths. The paths could be coming down from the mountains or they could lead you up into the mountains. The streams are bringing life nourishing waters to the gardens and trees in the valley. Anything is possible in the realms of your imagination. What do you see?

3 comments on “A Day of Silence

  1. Frivolitea says:

    What a lovely photo and thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sue O'Kieffe says:

    first i saw mountains, and then i adjusted my lens a bit and saw frogs jumping in the water šŸ™‚
    ~sue o’kieffe

  3. artandtea says:

    Thanks Frivolitea!

    Oh, what a wonderful vision, Sue!


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