Filling the Well


Just like food and water hydrate and nourish our bodies, there are certain things we can do to nourish our souls. Most are special only to us but some things are common to everyone. I call them “Well Fillers”. Just like we fill our car’s tank with gas and then use the fuel and empty the tank by driving the car, we go through a similar process in our daily lives. Filling and emptying our life energy. I’ve come up with a list of what fills my well.

1. Laughing

2. Listening to an audio book while I drive

3. Sleeping in

4. Making and drinking tea

5. Going for a walk in the woods or on the beach

6. Reading or watching a good story

7. Beading

8. Taking photos

9. Sunday pancake brunch

10. Visiting an art or bead store

My list is a lot longer but you understand. What fills your well?

6 comments on “Filling the Well

  1. Ateavablog says:

    Reading a great book over a cup of lapsang souchong on a rainy day.

    btw–Love the blog!


  2. artandtea says:

    Oh yes! Thanks! -Karen

  3. Sacredartist says:

    Walking on the sandy beach bare footed.
    Fixing a meal with mindfulness.
    Sewing hexagons together for a seven year hexagon quilt. Each row is 365 hexagons…7 across and 52 hexagons down. The sides are 1 inch.
    Having a tea party with the kids in the evening.
    When I lived in Boston I used to enjoy taking the bus to Tealux, near Harvard Square. I wonder if it is still there?

    I love your blog. Thank you for educating us on tea!!

  4. […] I wish I lived near the beach. It’s interesting because years ago I had my natal chart read. I found an astrologer and sent her the date and time of my birth and she in turn sent me a map of the alignments of the planets and stars at the exact moment of my birth. Fascinating. One of the things my chart told me was that I am deficient in Water, of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It advised that I should either live near water or drink a lot of water everyday. Even before this information was shared with me, I have always felt very drawn to the sea. So, someday, I would like to live by the beach so I could walk at the water’s edge every morning as I did when I was on vacation. It is at the top of my list of “well fillers”. […]

  5. Discovering the joy of truly good friends at age 50+ – what a wonderful surprise. Long chats with one of those friends, beneath the oaks by a small lake, with the chatter from an organic farmers market in the background. Definitely “well filler.”

  6. artandtea says:

    Marvelous! Thanks for sharing, Dianne!

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