A Goddess Gift


Last Saturday at my polymer clay guild meeting, I created a little goddess for my Mom’s birthday. I used the spliced cane technique for her body and a mold for her face. She seems to be gazing heavenward doing some deep thinking, doesn’t she?

I learned how to create this cane last month at Klay Karma 2007. Diane from the CT guild generously shared this technique in a demo. I absolutely love the look and have many ideas swirling around in my imagination. My S.O. said it looks like she has flames on her. I’m thinking about making the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, Pele, as my next project with this cane.

Jasmine Blossom Tea


Did you guess what the little “tea kernel’ from yesterday’s post is? Here it is, opening up to reveal its hidden treasure. Meet Jasmine Blossom tea, a specialty hand-tied display tea from China. The leaves are plucked and processed as green tea. Then a bunch of leaves are tied together around a beautiful pink flower which is revealed once the tea is steeped in hot water.


Once fully steeped and opened, it looks like an exotic sea creature to me. The tea leaves have been scented with blooming jasmine flowers, giving them a delicate floral aroma and taste. This tea is a feast for many senses!


Do you like scented teas?

Saturday Morning Tea – a Hint


Today I have my polymer clay guild meeting. It is “Goddess” Day and we are going to create little clay Goddesses. A future post. So, as I run out the door to my meeting, I leave you with a hint of Saturday Morning’s tea in the photo above. All will be “revealed” Sunday morning!

Can you guess what it is?

A Window Vine


When I glued the polymer clay tiles to the fabric for my August page, I really didn’t have any plans for the beading beyond choosing a color palette. I knew that I wanted to bead around the tiles but not surround each tile as if they were cabochons.

I placed the tiles in a grid pattern because a square shape looked most pleasing to me. After I glued the tiles down, it then reminded me of a window. Aahhh… A window into a special, secret garden place. All of the greens in my color palette spoke to me of leaves so now I create a window vine.


What do you think?

Starting my August Journal Page


A start to my August page – I am using some of the 1 inch squares from the Klay Karma swap to create a window of sorts. Then I’ll bead around the squares. The bead palette I’ve selected is a combination of summer and fall colors, signifying the transition from one season to the next. As you can see, I have more summer colors than fall because I am not quite ready to let go of summer just yet. Plus, there are a lot of blooming flowers in my tiles.


Time to start beading!

Saturday Morning Tea


A storm blew through last night with vivid lightning and crashing thunder. The drumming rain washed the world clean and bright with fresh cool breezes that speak of the coming of fall. As the first half of August turns over into the second half, I can feel a shift in the air, signaling cooler days.

This Saturday morning’s cup of tea is Fuding White Treasure, a China white tea. The dry leaf is full and silvery but look at how the color of the leaf changes after a 3-minute steep.


The leaves open up and turn a paler green, whispering gently of the springtime when the leaf was plucked. So, just as we are beginning to feel a transformation starting as we move from one season to the next, my little tea leaves have experienced their own transformation as they have infused my water with their lovely flavor and color. The aroma, flavor and color are all very delicate with hints of vegetal and toasty nuttiness. The tea liquor slides like silk over your tongue it is that smooth.


Because of the unoxidized polyphenols in the leaf, white tea is reputed to have health benefits. So, not only does it taste wonderful, it is good for you, too!

What are your experiences with white tea?

My July Journal page


July was a busy month so I am a couple of weeks behind in finishing my July page. I finally finished it today! This month’s page has great meaning to me. It symbolizes the birth of my authentic self. She is peeking out from her protective cocoon/bud. The spirals surrounding her birth symbolize the cyclical nature of life and how we come back to a certain place or life lesson along our journey. Instead of being at the same exact place, however, we have moved up a turn in the spiral and, hopefully, have grown in our experience. The spirals are all shades, tints and tones of purple. Purple is for the wisdom and magic I seek in my life everyday.