Saturday Morning Tea


A storm blew through last night with vivid lightning and crashing thunder. The drumming rain washed the world clean and bright with fresh cool breezes that speak of the coming of fall. As the first half of August turns over into the second half, I can feel a shift in the air, signaling cooler days.

This Saturday morning’s cup of tea is Fuding White Treasure, a China white tea. The dry leaf is full and silvery but look at how the color of the leaf changes after a 3-minute steep.


The leaves open up and turn a paler green, whispering gently of the springtime when the leaf was plucked. So, just as we are beginning to feel a transformation starting as we move from one season to the next, my little tea leaves have experienced their own transformation as they have infused my water with their lovely flavor and color. The aroma, flavor and color are all very delicate with hints of vegetal and toasty nuttiness. The tea liquor slides like silk over your tongue it is that smooth.


Because of the unoxidized polyphenols in the leaf, white tea is reputed to have health benefits. So, not only does it taste wonderful, it is good for you, too!

What are your experiences with white tea?

My July Journal page


July was a busy month so I am a couple of weeks behind in finishing my July page. I finally finished it today! This month’s page has great meaning to me. It symbolizes the birth of my authentic self. She is peeking out from her protective cocoon/bud. The spirals surrounding her birth symbolize the cyclical nature of life and how we come back to a certain place or life lesson along our journey. Instead of being at the same exact place, however, we have moved up a turn in the spiral and, hopefully, have grown in our experience. The spirals are all shades, tints and tones of purple. Purple is for the wisdom and magic I seek in my life everyday.

Stone Cairns


My friend Amy recently wrote a post on building stone cairns in her garden. She finds joy and balance in creating them. Her post reminded me of this photo I took in Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were walking through one of the craters there and found this stone cairn along the trail. There were quite a few just like this marking the trail. As you can see, I took the photo in black and white. I felt it was appropriate to convey the feeling of the stark landscape of the crater and the lava rocks all around us. Native Hawaiians believe that the spirit of Pele, Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes, lives in the lava rock. I could feel her spirit guiding us that day.

After we hiked through the crater, we drove down to the ocean to see if we could get a glimpse of any flowing lava. There wasn’t much to see beyond a couple of glowing red pinpricks in the distance. But, as we were leaving just after sunset, I glanced up at the sky and was treated to one of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen in my life. A sea of stars so thick that they appeared to be a mist. I wish I could have taken a picture that evening but it was too dark. It was one of those moments in my life where I could truly feel that everything was connected just like that sea of stars.

Have you ever seen the stars like that?

Saturday Morning Tea


A quiet Saturday morning with a gentle breeze coming through the window. My daughter is away on a trip and I am lazily sipping a cup of green tea and recharging from a busy week. This morning my cuppa is China green Xuan Yi, pronounced Schwan-Yee. It is strong for a green tea, with a hint of sweet nuttiness.


“Seek first to understand and then to be understood” I have been thinking about this phrase the last several days. It is the 5th Habit of 7 from the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I haven’t read the book yet but my life coach told me she had been thinking of this phrase in connection with me all week. So, now I am thinking about this phrase and what it means to me. In terms of my art, I think it speaks of discovering and connecting with the world around me first before creating my art. What do you think?

Introspective Period


I have been going through a very introspective period lately. Thinking about my work and what I want to say with it. Exploring the connection between what is deep inside of me and what is created by my hands. I write in my journal everyday and sometimes what I write is articulate and in complete sentences. But other times I write just words and snatches of phrases to see where they lead me. I feel myself spiraling down and down deep inside to see what lies there. Like the more ancient myth of Persephone where she goes into the underworld willingly, I am heeding to the call of the voice from deep within the crack of the earth.


Magical creatures – ladybug, butterfly and hummingbird moth – all found in my S.O.’s beautiful garden. Oh, I am having fun with my camera!