Saturday Morning Tea


A storm blew through last night with vivid lightning and crashing thunder. The drumming rain washed the world clean and bright with fresh cool breezes that speak of the coming of fall. As the first half of August turns over into the second half, I can feel a shift in the air, signaling cooler days.

This Saturday morning’s cup of tea is Fuding White Treasure, a China white tea. The dry leaf is full and silvery but look at how the color of the leaf changes after a 3-minute steep.


The leaves open up and turn a paler green, whispering gently of the springtime when the leaf was plucked. So, just as we are beginning to feel a transformation starting as we move from one season to the next, my little tea leaves have experienced their own transformation as they have infused my water with their lovely flavor and color. The aroma, flavor and color are all very delicate with hints of vegetal and toasty nuttiness. The tea liquor slides like silk over your tongue it is that smooth.


Because of the unoxidized polyphenols in the leaf, white tea is reputed to have health benefits. So, not only does it taste wonderful, it is good for you, too!

What are your experiences with white tea?