Saturday Morning Tea

A cool, rainy day in New England. Even though the skies are dreary and dark, this rain is heartily welcomed as we are experiencing low rainfall and drought right now. It’s wonderful to wake up every morning to bright sunshine but it’s always beneficial to have a balance between the sunshine and the rainfall to nourish our gardens and trees.


This morning’s tea is a Chinese Oolong called Tie-Guan-Yin Tribute Special. This type of tea was offered to the Chinese Emperor as tribute during the Song Dynasty in China. A very special tea indeed. As you can see, the dry leaf is rolled in such a way that it curls upon itself. There is a a hint of the full leaf there.


After a 3 minute steep in 180 degree F water, the leaf opens to reveal its structure. The unfurling of the leaf during steeping is often referred to as “The Agony of the Leaf”. I’m not sure why they actually term the meeting of water and leaf “agony” because it is a beautiful sight to watch the leaves open up. The aroma of this tea is like walking through a blooming garden and being surrounded by its heady fragrance.


The tea liquor is pale, a light greenish straw color. The flavor is delicate with notes of lilac. This would also be a perfect tea to sip during a winter snowstorm to conjure up images of a colorful summer garden!

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3 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. Acey says:

    Love your drinking cup. I had one that was quite similar but it got broken a few months back. Saving the pieces for some type of mosaic.

  2. artandtea says:

    Thanks! I was lucky enough to come across a set of these cups at an antique store a number of years ago. I especially like the dragon on the interior of the cup. I like your idea of saving the broken pieces for a mosaic.

  3. naptime design gal says:

    Karen, you are just the inspiration I needed tonight. As I come off a rainy cool day, I have orders to fill now that the kids are slumbering and sadly a low creativity level. I came to the computer to find some inspiration. I found it in your photos, your creativity, and your words. I’m off to create. (After a cup of tea.) Thanks!

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