Saturday Morning Tea

My morning tea today is not a tea at all but an herbal which has a long history of many uses worldwide: culinary, medicinal and as a delicacy. The dried root of the ginger plant also makes a wonderfully spicy beverage when infused!

Technically known as the rhizome of the ginger plant, Zingiber officinale, this was grown in the Jinxuan Province of China. Ginger cultivation began in China and Southeast Asia and then spread to other parts of the world such as the Caribbean and Africa.

Its characteristic odor and taste comes from the volatile oils found in the root.

I steeped the ginger pieces for 8 minutes in boiling water. As it brewed, the water became cloudy, giving my glass teapot a mysterious, underwater appearance.

The aroma of the infused “tea” is fresh and spicy. Sometimes, herbals can be confused with real tea which comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Just like tea, each herbal comes from its own specific plant. Almost all herbals, not tea, are caffeine free.

The frosty, lemon-colored liquor tastes quite zesty with tart notes of lemon. Ginger “tea” is often used to soothe nausea and motion sickness. I am enjoying it for its delicious flavor.

Ginger has a distinctive warming quality to it, making it perfect for sipping on a cold winter’s day. That said, its warmth also has a refreshing quality that is cooling me down on this hot, muggy morning.

Try adding a splash of infused ginger to your next glass of iced tea and spice it up!

“In the sacred traditions, the first thing you do in the morning is ask for blessings from the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Because all of the work you are going to do that day will change the universe.”

~Laura Esquivel, Writer

7 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. cha sen says:

    Great shot of the ginger root! It’s been awhile since I’ve had ginger tea, but with a bit of sugar, it’ll be just the thing for my cold right now.

    Thanks, Karen!

  2. artandtea says:

    Thanks! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Judy Shea says:

    Karen.. that’s so interesting… ginger tea? Mmmm.

  4. Hi Karen, love that post and idea about adding some ginger to iced tea! Also the amazing quote from Laura Esquivel. Lots to think about there. Glad I found your blog too– I love teas and herbals.

  5. artandtea says:

    I know, Judy, we only know it for cooking, right? But it makes a wonderful beverage, hot or iced. Yum.

    Welcome Christine! Hello to a fellow tea lover!

  6. marcia says:

    Love ginger tea! Love your post, and the cup too!

  7. artandtea says:

    Welcome Marcia! And thanks so much!

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