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My free-form (free range) vest is almost done. I thought the weaving of the yarn ends would never end! I was playing with them and made this little colorful nest. As I was playing with the strands, an idea popped into my head.

Could I put them outside for the birds to make their nests? Is that safe?

I can’t bring myself to throw these snippets away.


Instead of adding a band of knitting at the bottom, I single crocheted all around the edges of the vest, including the armholes. It made the bottom a little wavy looking, I’m not sure why. I really like the edging but think that I should add a couple more rows of single crochet.

What do you think?

Here’s a closeup of the back panel of ribbon yarn.


Even though you need to take great care when stitching and later washing the garment, I love working with ribbon yarn. It’s so scrumptious looking with the way the colors wash into each other and it feels silky and luscious in my hands.

Lately, instead of beads, I’ve started collecting yarns. Oh no, another addiction. Here’s the latest purchase. I think I’ll make another vest in lighter blues, greens and tans.


Speaking of blues and greens, I started playing with my watercolors last weekend. I’m not painting anything in particular, just feeling the way the colors lay on the paper and swirl and mix into each other. I’m just playing…


I especially love the “bloom” effect as the colors meet on the wet page. Blue says, “hello yellow, let’s bloom together and make green” Lovely.


Maybe someday I’ll actually paint some real flowers from my garden but for now I am having so much fun making free-form watercolors.

When I was in kindergarten many moons ago, my most favorite activity was finger painting. I loved swirling the paint around with my fingers.

“The moment in which children relax into the presence of their imagination there is often a collective sigh of relief – of children smiling to each other, knowing that their inner world is not peculiar to one’s self, but a vast gathering of information in everyone, like the richly populated voicing of the sea or a summer meadow.” ~Richard Lewis

6 comments on “From My Studio

  1. Snap says:

    I don’t know if the yarn is safe for the birds, but they would love it! They pick up all sorts of *junk* that is yucky, a little nice yarn might be just the thing! The vest is gorgeous and I’d add another row or two of crochet. Playing with watercolor is so much fun. Mr. Dragon took a pen and ink workshop this summer and *played* the same way. It was fun to watch.

  2. Judy says:

    Karen.. my jaw dropped as soon as I saw the vest. That is stunning. Your work amazes me to no end. I can’t to see it on you.
    I read that dryer lint is safe for birds, so I’m sure the yarn is too. I love your watercolors.. they would make beautiful journal page backgrounds.

  3. artandtea says:

    Thanks Snap! Good point about all of the yucky things that birds do pick up. I think that I’ll put some pieces outside for them. Thanks for your feedback about my vest!

    Thanks Judy, I’m glad that you like my vest! Great idea about watercolors. Now I’ll have to find a journal with watercolor paper and have some fun. 🙂

  4. Kathleen says:

    Karen , love it. Have been planning to pull out knitting, counted cross stitch I put away when arthritis was bad. You are so talented.\

  5. artandtea says:

    Thanks Kath! I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy your knitting again soon. xo

  6. […] me uniquely – muted, soft blues, greens and tans. I am so looking forward to wearing it. My first vest is going to be a gift for someone […]

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