Tea Leaf Reading


Yesterday I spent the day with a dear friend. Despite a profusion of fluffy clouds floating overhead, we were able to soak up some sun out in her garden where the wildflowers bloomed and the dragonflies danced all around us. Sitting there with a cup of mango flavored tea and a piece of apple pie to enjoy, it was sheer heaven.

Later on in the afternoon, my friend brewed a pot of Earl Grey Blue Flower (her favorite), steeping the leaves directly in the boiling water without any infuser. Once the tea was steeped nice and strong, she pulled out her “Cup of Destiny” for me. As I poured myself a full cup of tea, I thought of a question.

“What does the future hold for me?


I also thought of my question as I sipped my tea. Once there was only a tiny amount of tea left in the cup, I was instructed to turn the cup clockwise 3 times and then turn it over onto the saucer. Once the leaves fell onto the saucer, they were studied for shapes and patterns. We also noticed what fell onto the astrological symbols around the perimeter of the cup.

Here is what my friend said.

The floating leaf bits on the top of my tea (as I drank it) indicated that I will have visitors within the next few days. As I sipped my tea, I kept joking that I was drinking my visitors because it was challenging to sip the tea around the floating bits. lol

The floating bubbles in my tea indicated money and positive energy coming to me in the week ahead. Fabulous!

Remaining in the cup itself were some flowers which fell on the circle on top of a cross symbol and the plus symbol.

The circle on top of the cross is the symbol of Venus indicating love, art and harmony. I will have creative interludes very soon. More fabulous!

The plus sign indicates a warning against overdoing it. I need to slow down and let go a little. Perfect advice for this week off fom work.

A combination of leaf and flower on the saucer had a butterfly shape which symbolizes transformation, pleasure, joys and is considered lucky.

There was also a rectangle shape symbolizing challenges or difficulties, something to overcome in the future. Possibly a letter coming my way.

Two stems formed the shape of a roof which could symbolize the condo I’m purchasing.

Wow. All that from my tea leaves. Oh, one other prediction. I think a “Cup of Destiny” purchase is in my future very soon!

What a fun and magical way to spend an afternoon.


9 comments on “Tea Leaf Reading

  1. Snap says:

    This sounds so much like what we used to do … way back when! Thanks for the memories!

  2. How much fun! There’s nothing better than the warmth of friends and the comfort of tea as you look into the future.

  3. Judy says:

    Karen.. what a nice day. My grandmother and mom used to read Turkish coffee grounds after we sipped it (tasted like medicine.. yuk). It is/was a tradition in the old country and they brought it to America…. Very cool indeed. My turn, Karen.

  4. Frivolitea says:

    That is so neat! Makes me want to read up on tea leaf reading!

  5. artandtea says:

    You’re welcome Snap, and thank you for sharing your memories!

    I agree, Kathleen. It’s the best!

    Wow, what an interesting tradition, Judy. Yes, let’s do some tea leaf reading together. 🙂

    Enjoy, Lynn!

  6. Jason Witt says:

    I didn’t know how the tasseographers set up the reading. Now that I know I’m more interested in it for myself. I’d like to get one of those Zodiac bowls. I’d also like to learn about what the Chinese say about reading tea leaves. Is that much different from what the Western people believe?

  7. doras_explorations says:

    That’s very interesting, Karen. Your tea leaves had very nice things to say ! Enjoy your week off ! Hopefully the weather will improve. The calendar says summer, but it sure doesn’t feel like it around here.

  8. artandtea says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for visiting! As Eastern and Western philosophy do have differences, I would guess that their methods of tea leaf reading would differ also but I don’t know for sure. It would be an interesting topic to research though! The author of the “Cup of Destiny” learned how to read tea leaves from her grandmother.

  9. artandtea says:

    Thanks Dora! I know, this weather is absolutely crazy. We’ve had a few sunny days that tease us here and there but mostly storms and rain these days. I’m painting furniture this week and it’s taking forever to dry!

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