Four Things

My friend Lunes over at Bijoux & Banter has tagged me in a meme to reveal 4 things about myself.

Four jobs I’ve had

Geriatrics Aide at a nursing home

Sales clerk at Handy Dan hardware store

Community Outreach Coordinator at a Cable 8 TV station

Tea Packer

Four movies I could watch over & over

Somewhere in Time


any of the Harry Potter movies

The Sound of Music

Four tv shows I love



Grey’s Anatomy


Four places I’ve vacationed




Jersey Shore

Four of my favourite dishes

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Field Greens Salad

Sauteed veggies and pasta

Fruit cobbler

Four blogs I visit every day


Daily Art Muse

Musings from the Moonroom

Christine Kane

Four people to tag

Anyone can join in! Please do!

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