Saturday Morning Tea

Hello again, dear tea friends. I apologize for not being here last week. Someone very dear to me had surgery so I was out of town. I’m happy to say that all is well and my dear one is on the road to recovery.

Let’s have a cup of tea together, shall we?

This morning’s tea is called Special Purchase Hao-Ya “A” Keemun, a black tea from China. The term “Hao-Ya A” refers to the grade of tea, this tea being a top grade. I’ve written about Hao-Ya “B” Keemun tea before here. To me, all Keemuns have such a dark glossy leaf, this one also having a sprinkling of golden tip.

Keemun tea is named after a county, Qimen, in Anhui province. There are several stories about its origins but the most common is one of a governmental official in the late 1800s who learned black tea production in Fujian province and then decided to return to his native county, Qimen, to produce black tea there. He met with success and his new black tea was imported to England where it was enjoyed as a breakfast tea.

If you enjoy the darkest of chocolates, you will love this tea. The aroma of rich chocolate of the deepest kind wafted up as I lifted the infuser out of my glass teapot. There was an underlying hint of red wine which validated its description as the “burgundy” of China black teas.

I steeped the tea for 5 minutes in boiling point (212F) water. The dark chocolate aroma carries on into the flavor with notes of 90% chocolate bar, hints of red wine and a whisper of perfumed flowers. Silky smooth, thick and rich, this tea would stand up well to any additions, like milk and sweetener. I suggest trying it plain first to experience its wonderful flavor on your tongue.

Yes, this is an expensive tea but what a special treat this would be for a Sunday morning or to share when a fellow tea lover comes for a visit.

It’s a brilliant, sunshine-y day here in MA. Time to go throw on my overalls and head out to the garden. My sweet daughter gave me a beautiful hydrangea for Mother’s Day with blooms of the palest lavender-pink. I’m off to find a special place for it in my garden.

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing a cuppa with me. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your tea!

“I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to be art.” 

~Carrie Fisher, Actress

Saturday Morning Tea

As we go deeper into the season of spring, the world is shedding its neutral cloak of browns and grays and blossoming into color – from palest pink to sunny yellow to bright, spring green. I love the green haze of the woods at this time of year. Lovely!

This morning’s tea, called Keemun Jade Pekoe, is a black tea from China with an unusual leaf shape for a Keemun. The long, flat leaf blades remind me more of a Lung Ching, a China green tea I’ve shared with you here.

I steeped the leaf for 4 1/2 minutes in boiling point (212 F) water.

The leaf is handcrafted from a fine plucking (2 leaves and a bud) as you can clearly see from the photo below.

The steeping tea gave off a sweet, cocoa aroma, warming my kitchen and my soul. Being a confirmed dark chocolate lover, I enjoy a China black best when it has notes of cocoa.

The dark amber liquor has the typical Burgundy notes of Keemun, rich and sweet. There are also hints of nutmeg in the very smooth cup.

Do you like my new little teacup?

I treated myself during my visit out to Michigan. I purchased it at Teavana. While I’m not really into their exotic fruit-flavored tea concoctions, I do enjoy browsing their selection of tetsubin (iron) and Yixing (unglazed clay) teapots. I also love their Buddha and Guan Yin statues. They always have such a look of serenity on their face.

Today is a day for getting back into my garden to nourish and ground my soul once again in its earthy beauty. Have a wonderful week, my dear friends!

“Let us imagine care of the soul, then, as an application of poetics to everyday life.”  ~Thomas Moore