Saturday Morning Tea

I’ve become fascinated with roofs lately. Yes, you heard me correctly – roofs. In particular, the big chunks of ice and icicles hanging from their edges.

This has been such a rough winter in New England with a foot of snow arriving every week it seems and so many people are dealing with collapsed roofs and leakages from ice dams. On the news, they recommend shoveling the snow off your roof. However, when you live in a 3-story house such as I do, that task seems monumental. I’ve been lucky and have had only a minimum amount of leaking from one of my windows.

Ok, on to my tea…

Introducing Moonlight white tea. For me, the name conjures up images of a huge, full moon illuminating a tropical sea, a path of glitter from shore to horizon. Hey, I think that all of this snow is inspiring daydreams of a warm place. A much warmer place…

The leaf of this white tea from China is enormous and beautifully variegated, ranging in color from dark olive to silvery green.

I steeped the leaves in 180 degree F water for 3 minutes which produced a lovely pale yellow liquor.

The aroma is soft and floral, the floral notes carrying on into the flavor. Notes of honey and apricot whisper in the delicate taste. This would be a wonderful treat for white tea lovers to try.

Speaking of a treat, I treated myself to a pair of new teamugs this week. Made by Bodum, they’re double-walled, insulated borosilicate glass mugs.

I was amazed at how light they are! I just love anything glass and now I can see my tea while I’m drinking it.

Like my glass teapot, I’ll treat my new mugs with extra TLC and handwash them. So far, I think they’re great. I see from the brochure that came with my mugs that there’s a whole line of these glasses in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Hmmm, perhaps a pair of tall glasses this summer for iced tea…

Does anyone have any experience with these glasses?

Rain is in our forecast for later today so it’s a good day for staying inside and playing in my studio. Now that I’ve finished my Towers and Turrets necklace (see last post), I’m ready to start on a brand new project!

“Ah!  There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort.”

~Jane Austen

9 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. Kevin Knox says:

    Hi Karen,

    Another lovely post – thank-you!

    My wife and I have been using the Bodum double-walled glasses since they first came out and just love them. They will last a lot longer if they’re hand-washed. The dishwasher seems to scratch their surfaces if you wash them that way all the time. We prefer the ones without handles – very little heat is conducted through the glass so no problems with them. The larger ~12 oz. size is great for cold drinks, with the considerable benefit of never needing to worry about using coasters since the glasses don’t sweat. One could be a minimalist and use an intermediate size of these for everything from tea, to wine, to beer!

  2. artandtea says:

    Thanks Kevin! I appreciate your feedback about my tea posts and the Bodum glasses. I’m really enjoying my new mugs and will probably expand my collection soon. 🙂

  3. Ron says:

    I’ve got some of the Bodum Pavina glasses, and they’re fantastic for tea. Deep red assams, amber oolongs… they all look beautiful sitting on my desk in the sun. (They actually make very good wine glasses as well for situations where stemware just isn’t practical.) They are pretty fragile, however, so be careful. I accidentally clipped one on my kitchen cabinet while putting it away and it fell to pieces.

    BTW, I recently discovered your tea reviews, although I’ve been an Upton customer for a few years now. Your write-ups and photos are wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with your teas.

  4. Cindy says:

    My brother and his wife have these mugs and seem to enjoy them! My that tea sounds wonderful….sure wish I had a cup right now. I guess I’ll have to settle for milk with my chocolate chip cookie!

  5. artandtea says:

    Ron, thanks for visiting and for your kind words and feedback! Oh dear, they do sound fragile. Extra TLC for those mugs, for sure. You’re very welcome and please come back and visit again.

    Thanks for your feedback, Cindy! Mmmmm, chocolate chip cookies….

  6. Scott Burgess says:

    Hey Karen:

    Wow! I’ll definitely try this tea next time I order. I’ve used the 8.5 oz Pavina glasses. I like to use them for flowering teas, but any tea would be good in them. If I had a glass teapot I’d use them more, but I don’t use them everyday because of their fragility. I also have the 2.5 oz espresso glasses. I use them for an occasional shot of something stronger than tea (and espresso)! :))

    Thanks again for your much appreciated tea reviews.

  7. artandtea says:

    Hi Scott, thanks for your feedback about the glasses! I thought I saw a glass teapot in this line. You might want to check that out. You’re very welcome, it’s always great to talk to you. Hey, today’s the big day. I hope it goes your way!

  8. Scott Burgess says:


    What size glass teapot do you have? I think I’d get one that is 20oz or less. I just can’t decide which one I want–still looking. If I had a glass teapot I’d use it for most greens and whites, and with all beautiful leaf teas.

    Well the Steelers didn’t get it done, but after reflecting on the loss at least I can say they made it to the Big Dance. They just fumbled on their feet.

    Hhhmmmm…the Big Dance…Dancing tea leaves….I think I’ll go have some tea. Take Care!

  9. artandtea says:

    Hi Scott,

    My glass teapot is 10-12 oz., a small almost 2-cupper. It was a gift from a colleague and I just love it. Good luck in your search for the perfect glass teapot for you.

    I’m sorry about your team and can certainly relate to having a team that “dropped the ball”, so to speak, in a big game. The old cliche: there’s always next year…sigh… 😉

    You take care, too.

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