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I was so enchanted with knitting my first vest that I dove right into knitting a second one in a different colorway. Above is a photo of the back center ribbon yarn panel. I used Knit one, Crochet Too Tartelette yarn in the Rainforest colorway. Mmmm…

I’ve just completed the knitting and am now carefully weaving in each little yarn end, one at a time. While I love choosing my yarns and knitting them together in a free-form way, this weaving part seems very tedious to me. There is a soothing rhythm to it but it takes such an awfully long time to complete. It’s much like sanding polymer clay work. And, just like with that, it’s time to slow down and not be so impatient for the finished product.

I’d love to hear how others cope with this never ending task.


With my first vest, I stayed with very similar colors as the original vest pattern. This is what drew me to it in the first place. Now I’ve branched off into a colorway that expresses me uniquely – muted, soft blues, greens and tans. I am so looking forward to wearing it. My first vest is going to be a gift for someone special.

The free-form knitting bug has bitten me quite deeply, taking over all of my free art time. I am enjoying myself so much in this luscious world of color and texture. So much so that I will eventually need to rouse myself out of this infatuation soon to get back to jewelry making for my show in November.

Not just yet though.


I’ve started gathering a yarn stash for my next free-form project which I will be knitting in Taos, New Mexico. I’ve signed up to participate in a Jane Thornley workshop in September. More on that very soon…


Last weekend during a visit to Lowe’s, I grabbed some paint chips in southwestern colors to help me in picking out my yarns.


I’m also trying to decide what color to paint the kitchen in my new condo. After months of waiting, my closing is drawing near. I happened to put this fresh Oasis green yarn on top of my chips and was immediately enchanted by the color combo.


While shopping in Joann Fabrics several days later, I came upon this beautiful fabric. Does that ever happen to you? I get a specific colorway on the brain and I keep seeing it everywhere! This will be perfect for some pillows.


While browsing the internet one day, I came across 2 lovely blogs bursting with color and granny square crocheting – Lucy at Attic24 and Vanessa at do you mind if i knit. Oh, I remember granny squares! I’ve made many a blanket over the years with this sweet, old fashioned technique. In fact, carefully folded away in my closet is one of my children’s baby blankets in a rainbow of sherbert colors. Anyway, I started to think that quite possibly it was time for another granny square adventure so I found some very reasonably priced cotton yarn called Sonata at A granny square blanket in greens, blues and purples would be just perfect for my bed in my new place.

My art world lately has been filled with yarn, yarn and more yarn. How about yours?


5 comments on “From My Studio

  1. Snap says:

    I enjoy all your posts, but have to say I really enjoyed this one. Your vest is wonderful. I have been trying to weave in the ends as I go. I always miss some, but it cuts down a little on the weaving when the piece is complete. ATTIC 24 is a wonderful, colorful place to visit. Thanks for all the links and I must look into the New Mexico workshop. I lived there for 23 years.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    PS … I have a *dreamsicle* kitchen — that’s what a neighbor calls my orange kitchen and I LOVE it!

  2. Your vest is beautiful, Karen! Love the colors. I am presently working in yarn up to my ears, too. Must agree with you about the monotony of weaving in ends, but the finished product always overcomes all of that.

    I set myself quite a task this summer — knitting with laceweight yarn and making scarfs for all the women in the family. It will be interesting to see if everything gets done by Christmas . . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  3. artandtea says:

    Thanks so much Snap, I’m glad that you enjoyed reading about my knitting adventures! A “dreamsicle” kitchen – I love it! Hoo-ray!

    Thanks so much Kathy! Wow, what an amazing task you’ve set for your self and oh how lovely to do that! The women in your family will all be beautifully adorned Goddesses this Christmas. Good luck!

  4. Maryanne says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m new to your blog, but I enjoy reading it. My daughter is a tea lover and she is turing me into one as well. But, your art also drew me to your blog. I knit and bead and do fiber work. I, too, love Jane Thornley and her wonderful free approach to knitting. I’ve wanted to take one of her workshops for a long time. I can’t wait to hear of your adventures with her.
    I love your color combinations and your vest is lovely. I was immersed in knitting for a couple of years and now my beading has taken over again. I seem to go in and out of art forms! I don’t entirely give one up for another, but one predominates for a while and then recedes in favor of another! Keeps it fun and interesting. But, I agree with you about freeform. It has now taken over my beading, because I’ve spent most of the summer doing freeform peyote. I love it as much as free form knitting. I’ve also been knitting with beads making jewelry. I string beads on top stitching thread to make cuffs and I also have been knitting with wire and beads. Actually, that’s the knitting I’ve done the most this summer.
    Sorry for such a long comment, but it’s fun to share!

  5. nina says:

    dearest karen, i cannot relate to the knitting bug, although my sister has tried her best to get me addicted. i can, however, appreciate the deep beauty of what you have knitted, and of the wonderful textures and colors you have selected for upcoming projects. i wish i knew how to knit. it seems like such a soothing, zen-like act. like so many things in life, i don’t bother to take the time to learn.
    i had to smile when i saw the colors for your new kitchen – very 70’s of you, indeed. good luck with all of that.
    sending you a hug on this overcast, damp friday – xoxo

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