Saturday Morning Tea

October has always been one of my favorite months. With the trees peaking into a full glory of warm colors, it is a time filled with everything ripe and rich and delicious. Which brings me to my morning tea, this year’s second flush Darjeeling from the Margaret’s Hope estate. Designated as a “muscatel” tea, it has a ripe fruitiness that fills my mouth with each sip.

About 5 weeks ago, I reviewed another second flush Darjeeling, from the Makaibari estate, here. These teas are similar in color; a deep, rich amber, and the taste of harvest fruits. That said, this tea has a more pronounced grapeness that lingers into the finish, staying in my throat long after my sip. There is also a note of sweet, dark currants.

I have a big bag of MacIntosh apples sitting on my kitchen counter and everytime I pass the bag, I think about a nice slice of apple spice bread. Mmmmm, a perfect complement to a rich tea like this.

Next weekend I am headed to San Antonio, TX for my son’s graduation from basic training at Lackland AFB. As I won’t be home until late on Saturday night, my Saturday Morning tea will be postponed until Sunday morning.

Time to go slice some apples!

6 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. Kathleen Rolfingsmeier says:

    Hi Karen, I love your bracelet. What is the cost?

    I love Darjeeling tea. I have had recent indigestion from tea from health food store. Can’t remember all the different types but thinking back I don’t think I have the problem with Darjeeling. Also broke out in an awful rash from Folgers coffee. I can’t do earl grey or ……….I’m blanking on the other common one. Can’t do the usual LIpton stuff….gives me gerd. Any suggestions?

    Love, Kath

  2. teaescapade says:

    This tea sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. Also, congratulations on your sons graduation from Basic Training. Army? Navy? Air Force? or Marines?

  3. artandtea says:

    Thanks Kath! I haven’t priced the bracelet yet. It’ll probably be between $300-$400. It sounds like Darjeeling works well for you so I would recommend that. Stay away from astringent black teas like Ceylon or Assam because of your experience with the Lipton teabags. You might want to try some China black because it’s not astringent and very smooth.

  4. artandtea says:

    You’re very welcome, teaescapade! Thanks for visiting and your well wishes to my son. He’s in the Air Force.

  5. Steph W says:

    Safe travels to you. And it’s amazing to me how tea – even in the same family like Darjeeling – can be so diverse, yet still similar!

  6. artandtea says:

    Thanks Steph! I know! Even after enjoying loose leaf teas for the last 13 years, I still discover new things and the variety constantly amazes me.

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