I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Stephanie to share 6 random things about myself.

First, the rules and then the random.

  • Link to the person who tagged you.
  • Post these six rules on your blog.
  • Write 6 random things about yourself.
  • Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
  • Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

The random:

  • I love the smell of coffee – freshly ground coffee beans brewing into a thick dark cup of java but I don’t like the taste of it. Whereas I never put sugar in my tea, I always put a generous spoonful of sugar along with plenty of milk or cream in my cup of coffee.
  • Instead of using an electric clothes dryer, I always hang my clothes up to dry and have for years. Outside on a clothesline or a portable clothes hanger in the sunshine and inside next to a woodstove or under a ceiling fan.
  • Even though I know how to swim and learned as a child, I am very afraid of deep water. Someday I would like to take swimming lessons for adults who are afraid of the water.
  • I am captivated by macro photography. A couple of weeks ago at work, one of our tea buyers found “tea fuzz” in one of the tea containers and put it under a microscope so we could get a better look. I wanted to take a photograph of it so badly. It made my day. Someday I am going to get a macro lens for my camera and take photos of teeny tiny things.
  • I am going to take a class to learn to speak Italian. I have wanted to do this for years now since I first heard Andrea Bocelli sing. I think I was Italian in a former life.
  • I have light green eyes. Before I started wearing my glasses all the time, someone once asked me if I wore green colored contact lenses. I don’t. Another person once told me that my eyes were light like an Alaskan Husky’s eyes. That was an interesting but strange conversation.

Six people I am tagging – (participation optional!):

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8 comments on “I’ve been tagged

  1. Steph W says:

    Thank you for playing! I, too, love the smell of coffee! (But I can’t get myself to drink it.) And I am hoping to get a macro lens for xmas this year. I LOVE your photos, and this one is exquisite.

  2. artandtea says:

    Thanks Steph for your kind feedback about my photo. We have some dahlia beauties on our deck this year.
    Thanks again, I had fun playing!

  3. Acey says:

    Hi Karen –

    this one is always fun – I will see if I can pull it together for tomorrow or the next day. Am feeling particularly “random” at the moment so it shouldn’t be too difficult. My son spent his junior year of high school in Italy and learned to speak it really well but, so far, I have not been able to master the language. Maybe I should consider formal classes instead of bugging him to teach me “on the fly”.

  4. artandtea says:

    Sounds good! What a wonderful experience that must have been for your son.

  5. Lisa Clarke says:

    Thanks for tagging me, but I’m all tagged out at this point, I think!

    I love the idea of drying my clothes outside – I never do, but now I’m starting to think maybe I ought to try it.

  6. artandtea says:

    No problem, Lisa, it’s completely optional!
    Drying clothes outside naturally is also a great way to make your clothes last longer. I think the electric dryer breaks down the fibers faster, especially if it’s really hot. Enjoy!

  7. leah says:

    i love the smell of coffee so much more than the taste too!! wonder why that is. i hope you’ll be taking macro photos and speaking italian soon!

  8. artandtea says:

    Thanks Leah! For me, I think it is the bitter taste that I don’t like about coffee.

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