The Birth of a Studio Part 2

I purchased 2 six foot tables at Lowe’s this past weekend. Everything needed to shift over to the other side of the space to make room for them and the shelves I installed. I actually had these shelves in my bedroom in my apartment and that’s where I stored all of my art supplies. I slept surrounded by all of my beads and polymer clay and tools. Good energy but very crowded!

Both Home Depot and Lowes have all sorts of nifty storage shelving and products. I bought the coated wire shelves which attach to the wall by way of slats that screw into the studs. Then there are metal pieces that fit into the slats and the shelves rest on them. There are little hooks on the metal pieces and the shelves fit right into them for security. It’s important to plan out item placement so the weight is well balanced since the shelves aren’t super heavy duty. I placed them up high so I wouldn’t be hitting my head all the time.

Now that my structures are in place, today will be spent finding a place for everything. This weekend I’m hoping to purchase a task chair and some drafting lights to fit on the tables. I also need to purchase a metalworking table which will be placed perpendicular to the existing tables. That way I can swing around from station to station with my chair placed in the middle. My command center. How exciting is this?!!