My December Journal page


My December journal page is entitled “The Birth of the Sun”, in honor of the winter solstice and the long celebrated “return of the sun”. Inspired by the beautiful color palette of the sunrise, my piece symbolizes the light of the holiday season. The days are now getting longer and my sun contains the seed/embryo of the warmer months to come and its continuing journey towards light. For me personally, I meditated on the light within my own heart as I set down each bead.

Inspired by the beautiful fiber embroidery of fellow bead journaler, Acey at Nichobella, I have incorporated some fiber into my page for texture and color. In a photo of my page taken in sunlight, you can really see the texture.


I have prepared a fabric square for my January page but I have not been inspired yet to set down any beads. As I am turning 50 this month, I think I will start the page on my birthday. I have a glimmer of an idea about the path/journey of my life as I reach the half century mark. As for November, my idea for a photo transfer will take shape once I begin my experiments as per my 2008 goals. I’d like to transfer a photo of my beloved greyhound, Buddy, who passed in 2001. Even though it has been almost 6 1/2 years since he has been with me, I still miss him everyday. First, January and then catch up with November.