Saturday Morning Tea


It has been snowing on and off all week. Mostly, delicately falling flakes that don’t stick to the roads but lightly frost the snow already on the ground. It’s perfect for this time of year as we celebrate the season of Light, birth of the Sun/Son. At 1:08am this morning, Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year here in the Northern hemisphere and starts our winter season. As I gaze out my window upon a sea of sugar dusted houses and trees, I am enjoying a cup of Melange Noel in honor of the season.


Black tea blended with spices, dried fruit and nuts, it warms me all the way down to my toes. The liquor is a rich reddish brown color and the flavor is fairly full-bodied with notes of cinnamon and orange. I am drinking from my traditional Christmas cup, purchased years ago at Bronner’s in Frankenmuth, Michigan. So, as I sip, I am filled with wonderful memories of Christmases past spent with family in Michigan.

Joy, love, hugs, comfort

Christmas time in Michigan

going home again

3 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. Steph W says:

    Happy belated solstice (my favorite holiday this time of year!), Hannakuh, Christmas, and a joyful new year to you!

  2. Acey says:

    Well now we are heading for the ‘grand slam’ of a new calendar year. Am trying to finish my bjp page but think I may be a straggler this month.

  3. artandtea says:

    Thanks Stehp and the same to you and yours!

    Hi Acey, I have to admit that I am a huge straggler now. Between my show in November, a busy season at work and making Xmas gifts, the last BJP page I finished was October! Now that the holiday season is starting to wind down, I have a lot of catching up to do!


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