A Package of Treasure


Most of the time I receive bills and junk credit card offers in the mail. Not the other day though. I received treasure in my mailbox! A beautiful pendant and a pair of earrings from the wonderful Nina Bagley. As I connect more with my love of writing, this pendant is a perfect companion to grace my neck. Nina’s poetic writing, soulful photos and creative artwork have been such an inspiration to me and I am honored to wear her jewelry.

A Special Birthday Gift


Before we opened our gifts at our family Christmas celebration at my parents’ home in Michigan, my Mom asked me to sit on the couch. As I did, everyone – my Dad, my children, my brother and his family – came into the room and sat around me. Then my parents presented me with a most wondrous amazing gift for my 50th birthday. A scrapbook of my life filled with photos. My eyes filled with tears as I turned the pages and reminisced with my family about all that I had experienced in my half century on this earth. Words are inadequate to describe this experience and how special this gift is so I will share a few of the pages.