Saturday Morning Tea

Happy New Year, dear friends! A brand new year always fills me up with feelings of hope and excitement for new adventures. So, let us sit down together and continue our adventures in tea, shall we?

This morning I’m enjoying a delicate white tea in my cup, from the Adam’s Peak estate in the Dimbula district on the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). A rare tea composed of the new tips of the tea bush. To preserve their unique style, this tea is entirely hand processed and dried in sunlight. I wrote about a previous lot of this tea here.

I steeped the tea in 160 degree F water for 4 minutes. Guidelines suggest 170 degree F water but I wanted to see what flavor would be revealed in the slightly cooler water.

As I lifted the infuser from my glass teapot, I caught the faint whiff of flowers from the wet leaf.

The wet leaf reminds me of small swords, probably the influence of my rapt immersion in the world of the Seven Kingdoms lately. If you haven’t read George R.R. Martin’s tale of the Game of Thrones, I highly recommend it.

More swords…but I digress from our talk of tea…

The pale straw-colored tea liquor is delicate yet quite flavorful with pronounced notes of sweet, ripe melon and the faint whisper of floral hints.

This is a simply exquisite white tea which shows us tea in its most natural and least processed state, so incredibly different from the dark tones of a more familiar Ceylon black tea.

Refreshing and soothing to the spirit while the cold winter winds blow outside.

“And now let us welcome the New Year

Full of things that have never been.”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

2 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. Steph says:

    Love the swords and now I have a new library request!

  2. Hey Karen:

    Hope your Holiday Season was tops! I’ve been drinking tea…….mostly Upton’s of course, and on Steepster. I check your site at least a couple times a week, and I’m gonna faithfully revisit your posts. The review and pictures are awesome as usual.

    Do you remember the China green “Sword of the Emperor” you carried a few years back. So memorable to me, and this tea somewhat reminds me of it! :)) I still miss that tea. Has to be one of my all time favorites!

    Speaking of Game of Thrones, I’ve always wanted to start that series. OK….resolution time…this will be the year I start it! My problem is that I never read something in entirety. I like to vary my reading genres alot; but, I would finish Book I before moving on to something else. As far as Fantasy fiction goes, he’s numero uno in my book. :)) Take care and happy tea drinking!

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