Saturday Morning Tea

Good morning to you, tea friends, on this searing hot summer’s day here in New England. I feel like something light this morning so I brewed up a pot of a very unique white tea from the Tinderet estate in Kenya. I’ve never had a white African tea before. Isn’t the leaf gorgeous with all of those fine downy white hairs?

This tea leaf was grown in the Lelsa subdistrict of Tinderet which is located in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. Wikipedia describes a Rift Valley as follows:

“A rift valley is a linear-shaped lowland between highlands or mountain ranges created by the action of a geologic rift or fault.”

As with all white teas, the new growth is plucked and then allowed to wither to reduce its moisture content. A heating process follows to halt the natural oxidation of the leaf which would turn it dark.

A gentle 3 minute steep in 180 degree F water reveals small pointed leaves that have curled into tiny swords.

The light aroma reminds me of biscuits.

The straw yellow liquor has a delicate flavor with fruity hints and, yes, a hint of eucalyptus there.

Oh so silky smooth with a sweetness that lingers.

As the temperature outside rises and my tea cools, I wonder what it would taste like iced…

Enjoy this beautiful weekend. I leave you with one of my favorite Rilke quotes.

“If only it were possible for us to see farther than our knowledge reaches, and even a little beyond the outworks of our presentiment, perhaps we would bear our sadnesses with greater trust than we have our joys. For they are the moments when something new has entered us, something unknown; our feelings grow mute in shy embarrassment, everything in us withdraws, a silence arises, and the new experience, which no one knows, stands in the midst of it all and says nothing.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke

6 comments on “Saturday Morning Tea

  1. frivolitea says:

    Your tea photos are beautiful!

  2. artandtea says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Susan Hemann says:

    I was wondering if white tea would be good iced. I’ll have to try it.
    I always enjoy looking that at your photos! Glad you enjoyed my blog.

  4. Judy says:

    Ah, Karen.. I hope it was refreshing in this darn heat hitting us. Love the little “swords” and the first picture with the leaves on the flowers.

  5. cha sen says:

    The white tea does sound refreshing. I love the Rilke’s quote (and almost everything else that he wrote). I’m reading his Duino Elegies this summer with my tea.

    Hope cool breezes come your way soon.

  6. artandtea says:

    Thanks so much Susan, I always enjoy when you visit!

    Thanks Judy, hope you’re staying cool!

    Thanks Cha sen, enjoy your reading!

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