A Nor’easter on the Way

I’ve been watching the squirrels lately as they scurry around the woods surrounding our house. They have a simple goal in their leaps from branch to branch and hops across piles of stone  – to gather enough food to sustain them during the frigid time when they need to cozy in.

A Nor’easter is barreling towards New England with a forecast of up to a foot and a half of snow. So, like the squirrels, I will be scurrying around from place to place today trying to accomplish a weekend’s worth of tasks all in one day. Tomorrow will be for watching the snowflakes fall and pile up outside as I am warm inside, cozily dreaming next to the fire, a cup of tea in my hand.

So, dear friends, I will be joining you tomorrow morning for a cup of tea. Right now I have to scurry off, long list in hand!

2 comments on “A Nor’easter on the Way

  1. Arline says:

    Take extra care in your scurrying, Karen.

  2. Judy Shea says:

    Let’s just hope we don’t lose power this time around… big winds coming too. Stay warm. Love the Christmas Tea.

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